How To Book 3: 11 September 2019

How to Book Edit. How do such books form; who and what are they for? Do they add to, summarise or kick start fields? If you are building a shopping mall, do you need David Jones? Guest discussant Dr Peter Blamey

Journal of Sonic Studies 18 Caleb Kelly (ed)

This is the second issue of the Journal of Sonic Studies focused on the Materials of Sound (see issue no. 16). The heart of these two issues sees the authors thinking about sound as more than sound, the opposite of Cage’s dictum of letting sound be itself – as hearing sound as sound.

How To Book 2

Following our inaugural session on history and theory booking, How To Book 2 will be focus on how to move an artistic research thesis toward a book. Our guests will be Dr. Emily Morandini & Dr. Lindsay Kelley, 2-4pm, Friday 19 July 2019

Rural Resonances: Sound, Wine and Rural Futurism

6pm, 23rd July, 2019, Black Box, UNSW Art & DesignItalian theorist and curator Leandro Pisano and Sydney-based multisensory artist and wine writer Jo Burzynska explore the rural resonances of their intersecting sound-based projects in remote southern Italian communities.

Public Talk – Prof Holger Schulze

Holger Schulze (Copenhagen/Berlin) will present a public talk entitled Acoustic Scenography: Niches, Resonances & Auditory Pathways in the Showroom 5:30-6:30pm, Wednesday 8 May at UNSW Galleries, Art & Design.

How To Book – 2pm Thursday 4 April

How To Book is a gathering of people who have booked and who may wish to book having an informal discussion about how to book. Each session will feature one person letting people know what they were thinking when they booked, what happened and what they had to do, and one person who has a thesis and is thinking about booking.